What is a Systematized Business?

A business that conducts entire or partial integration management of livestock production, slaughter, processing and distribution
(Article 2 Clause 4 of the Livestock Systematization Business Legislation)
Maximized Specialization
Through allocation of roles, farms dedicate themselves to raising livestock while management takes responsibility over improvement of breeds, enhancement of productivity through research and development, processing and distribution and marketing, increasing the efficiency of the production process through professional management.
High Productivity
Additionally, farm businesses are simplified and specialized, reducing production costs and increasing productivity. This increases competitiveness against imported livestock products with regard to price and quality.
Reliable Quality
Strict quality control is implemented throughout the entire process from breeding to processing to distribution.
With the 100% production history tracking system which makes all processes from farm to table transparent, we produce safe and guaranteed products that our customers can trust and consume.

Chicken Systematization Process

Through systematized business, Gyejin Foods has unified all systems including breeding, slaughtering, processing and distribution.